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The History of Royal Palm Beach Real Estate

Royal Palm Beach Real Estate

Royal Palm Beach’s history of real estate development by General Development Corp is rooted in its growth as a planned community with a focus on green spaces and recreational amenities. Incorporated in 1959, the city was designed with families in mind.

The original development plans for Royal Palm Beach included numerous parks, greenbelts, and a network of canals and lakes. This commitment to preserving natural beauty and providing recreational opportunities has been a hallmark of the city’s real estate development.

In the 1970s, the completion of the Royal Palm Beach Village Center added a commercial dimension to the city, offering shopping and dining options to residents.

The 1980s and 1990s brought further residential expansion, with the construction of family-friendly neighborhoods and the development of more parks and recreational facilities.

Today, Royal Palm Beach’s real estate market continues to reflect its planned community roots, as well as the rural lifestyle, with a focus on family-oriented living, green spaces, and community amenities. It remains an attractive destination for those seeking a suburban lifestyle with easy access to urban conveniences.

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