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Albert Smith moved to Florida from New Jersey with his family in 1975. At that time there were very few people living in Florida in comparison to today. There were smaller older communities and lots of raw land. He saw opportunity in the building industry and after school he began working building homes. After many years as a contractor and builder he transitioned into the retail selling of homes.

Albert Smith qualified for his Real Estate Sales license in 1994 and now took on a new role as a onsite sales person selling new construction homes in Wellington Florida.

Wellington was still small town at the time but growing in leaps and bounds. Albert helped buyers purchase and select options for semi-custom homes for a small builder. While working for Elan Homes Albert Smith qualified for his Real Estate Brokers license in 1998

Soon Albert found a new opportunity and took on a role for Centex Homes a large corporate builder and served clients there in the sales department as a options coordinator. Albert worked out of the corporate office for two years. The experience was a good education as the exposure to the structure created new ideas of how a corporate business was meant to run. Albert did not love the lack of freedom in corporate life and soon left that role.

Albert Smith now with his own real estate company, went back to selling semi-custom homes in the growing rural area of Royal Palm Beach & Loxahatchee for another small builder from a model home. While working with floods of buyers Albert discovered a new niche in general real estate selling land.

People were coming into the model home desiring to buy homes, but a new problem arrived, where? How could Albert sell a house when the client had no land where they could build their dream home? Albert quickly landed into the general real estate listing business. Albert devised a marketing system to contact landowners all over the world and assisted them in selling and closing their Florida land holdings. He set expectations for those clients and consistently delivered as promised.

Albert devised an online marketing system in the early 2000’s. A website for marketing lots that he listed for sale. Albert sold them quickly by running ads and posting maps how to find the lots. Soon he would leave the builder and dedicated his efforts to selling land in Palm Beach County, St Lucie County, and Sarasota County till about 2006 when land sales came to a halt. The recession of 2008 soon followed.

It was a tough time all over the USA and many realtor’s income stopped. Albert’s real estate investment lost 90% of its value and income had come to a halt. It was a challenging time of inner growth.

By 2009 Albert Smith was now selling foreclosures and short sales. He found clients by converting out of work builders into buyers. Albert by finding them great deals on properties to buy. Then after remodeled the homes were resold.  Albert also found investors that want to buy below market homes and multi-family buildings and resold whatever they wanted to dispose of.

This was a difficult era for most American and weighed heavy on Albert as he was losing his passion for real estate as was working from a survival mode. Many people that had demanded to buy land now found themselves upside-down in their investments this weighed heavy on Albert.

Albert Smith now tired and without passion went soul searching. He now only dwindled in real estate and went to a mindfulness school in India to try to regain passion for life. Albert Smith would now take a sabbatical and make an attempt at some other businesses even if he sold an occasional home or plot of land. Albert Smith was out of real estate sales as his main profession for more than 5 years.

Albert Smith recovered through his mindfulness practice, meditation and letting go efforts and now lives in a beautiful state. He never had great success in other business, but they showed him that the answer was right in his hands an active real estate license. A willingness to work hard and serve people with them coming first. Albert Smith now only really cared for helping other people achieve their goals or help them out of distressed situations. Albert’s greatest teaching that he shares if this, “ Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Most of the time you can’t be both!” Albert chose to be happy and make you happy too if within his power.

The era of the pandemic pushed Albert Smith the Realtor back into the center of the real estate business. Albert decided to go back to helping people sell their homes & buy new homes. Albert rediscovered a passion for the present and let go of guilt and ego. Albert remembered how good he was at this role of real estate deal making and is again building business and relationships.

Albert Smith moved his real estate license from Broker Owner to Associate Broker when he joined REMAX REX in the last day of October 2020 and is now offering Platinum level service in the home listing and selling business. Albert is offering Luxury Florida Houses, New Construction and General markets properties. Albert will put your property for sale, will sell any property as he has a wide range of experience to assist his clients buying or selling.

Builder & New Construction as well as land are still a passion for Albert Smith. Albert says, “There is nothing like finding a piece of land and building a custom home of your dreams in it”!

Albert Smith serves the community as giving back is so important to him. He is Shriner helping children. Albert before covid volunteered his time driving children and their parents to the Shriners Hospital for treatment from the Palm Beach Gardens Temple to the hospital in Tampa Florida. He says, “There is nothing like seeing a disabled child happy and then seeing them even happier when they can walk or use the body healed from whatever deformity they suffered from”. Albert also learned that gratitude to the creator is and should be expressed for the small things in life like a healthy whole body.

Albert Smith is a Shriner @ Amara Shriners and is currently 2022 serving in the Divan as High Priest & Prophet. Albert is also a Mason and member of Harmonia lodge $138 where he serves his brothers at becoming better citizens of society, and a member of the Scottish Rite.

Amara Shriners Nobel Divan 2022